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Property owners who use Ampersand Property Management to care for their real estate investments are better-looking, more relaxed, and travel more often than property owners who don’t use Ampersand Property Management. (See graph below.)

Stylish property owners who use Ampersand Property Management

Stylish jet-setters relax knowing that Ampersand Property Management has their investments under control.


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If you’re looking for a property manager in Billings, we’re a good choice. We’re spry, responsive, and responsible. We invest in real estate ourselves, and we manage our own properties. As real estate investors, we understand how crucial cash flow is. Vacancies are anathema and property repairs and renovations require a balancing act between attracting qualified tenants and keeping costs to a minimum. We know because we’re right there with you.

We’ve got three years’ investment and management experience in the Billings area. We’re picky…particularly about how our properties are run, which is why we ended up starting our own management company. Of course we think we know best, but we’re always open to hearing how you’d like things done. We’re spry, after all, and if we like your methods, we may very well adopt them into our routine.

We’ve got one, published management fee: $90 or 1/12 of one month’s rent, whichever’s cheaper. What do we charge for leasing? Nothing. We don’t get our monthly fee until the property is occupied, so that’s our motivation. What do we charge for repairs and renovations? Whatever it costs, but nothing more. We subcontract the work to someone who knows how to do it, arrange with the tenant, keep the owner informed, ensure satisfaction all around, and you just have to pay the guy who did the work. We think you should know what you’re getting into: One flat fee, no surprises.

We know you didn’t get into real estate investing for the thrill of chasing down your rent. Proper property management goes a long way toward letting you be a better-looking, more relaxed, well traveled person.

Shoot us an email at with any questions you’ve got, and we’ll get back to you — probably with answers and potentially with jaunty banter.

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