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Where to rent in Billings, Montana? You’ve got options. West end, East side, South side, Heights. . . . ¬†Choosing among those options might be difficult, particularly if you’re not familiar with the area.

Billings, MT neighborhoods

Which neighborhood should you choose?

Ampersand Property Management is here to help you with your decision. You may have some deciding factor like proximity to work that determines where you want to rent. But it’s not like there’s a super-long commute anywhere in Billings, so you might choose based on other factors. No matter where you rent, you’ll have pretty good access to parks, schools, and the airport. Here’s a quick, generalized rundown of the neighborhoods to help you:

West end: This end of town is growing, and many of the homes are newer, so rents on this side of Billings are higher. Homes on the West end are close to shopping and entertainment — the mall, movie theaters, restaurants — which makes them popular. The neighborhoods for the most part are exclusively residential, so walkability is low. Bottom line: Everything from kind-of-updated 50s ranch-style to swank, brand-new homes with a higher price tag.

East side: This is the area of town close to downtown. Some might call it downtown or midtown. Homes in this area tend to be older and probably have higher walkability than homes on the West end (though most of Billings isn’t really all that walkable). Rent varies depending on the property. Some are on the lower end — more so than on the West side — but there are also some higher-priced rentals mixed in. Size and quality will be the determining factors there. Bottom line: Mostly older homes with some charm factor (hardwood floors, front porches, brick fireplaces), mixed bag for condition and price.

South side: Typically considered low-rent with a higher crime rate, but there are nice homes available here. Most of the homes are older, but there is some growth here, and quite a bit of revitalization. Some parts are close to downtown, so you can find rentals with good walkability. Bottom line: Mixed age and condition that could yield a bargain for the budget-conscious.

Heights: The Heights neighborhood encompasses quite a bit of real estate with a little bit of everything as far as price range, size, and condition. It’s farther from some of the main shopping and entertainment opportunities that Billings offers (there are plans to add new roads to better connect it with various other sections of city), which in some cases may mean you can get more house for your money. Bottom line: Varied rental opportunities with a potentially longer commute.

Best of luck in your search for a Billings rental! ¬†We’re always happy to help in any way we can, so shoot us an email at if we might be of assistance.


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