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Ampersand Property Management provides and manages rentals in the Billings area.

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Why Use a Property Management Company?

If you own investment property, you know that cash flow is king. Using a property management company costs you some of that cash each and every month, so why wouldn’t you just do the work yourself? If that thought has crossed your mind, a list of reasons is presented below. Depending on your goals and […]

Choosing a Property Manager

You’re On Your Way!

Property owners who use Ampersand Property Management to care for their real estate investments are better-looking, more relaxed, and travel more often than property owners who don’t use Ampersand Property Management. (See graph below.)   If you’re looking for a property manager in Billings, we’re a good choice. We’re spry, responsive, and responsible. We invest […]

Be free.

Ampersand Property Management helps you be able as a property owner to do what you want. You can spend time pursuing your hobbies or traveling the world. We’ve got a website dedicated to showcasing how you’re spending your time. Check it out, and let us know if you’ve got any adventures of your own planned.