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Do you like passive income but hate having to work to get it?

Owning rentals is a genius method of bringing in monthly cashflow. If all goes well, a check magically appears in your mailbox without your doing anything, or even having to think about it.

But it’s often more work than that. That magical check doesn’t show up and you end up calling, emailing, tackling your tenant, or simply dropping by the rental to get that money.  Or perhaps your tenant calls and lets you know that the furnace is making funny noises. You call a repair guy. He doesn’t call you back. You call another company and leave a message. You call a third company, and they let you know they can get someone out to look at it this weekend if you want to pay overtime rates or they can do Thursday of next week.  A month after the repair is finally done, the first guy calls you back and says he can take the job.

It doesn’t sound like passive income.

It sounds like a lot of work. Multiply it if you’ve got multiple units.

That’s why Ampersand Property Management exists. We do the work; you get that magical check every month. You don’t have to do anything or even think about it.  It’s the way passive income should be.

Ampersand Property Management is a fresh, spry Billings company that wants to get property management right. We’re investors ourselves, so we know how important it is to keep costs down, get the best tenants possible, and keep properties decent for the price they return.

We love technology, and we think everyone else should too. Our tech savvy helps us do things faster and with less expense.  You can “like” us on Facebook ——————————-> and we encourage our tenants and potential tenants to do the same. We’ve got a renter’s list so we can shoot out vacant properties to a group of folks looking to rent. We advertise on our own website, craigslist, eBay classifieds, 406classifieds and other online sites because statistics show that most people start their home search online, and we want their search to end with our homes being filled. We also use good, old-fashioned yard signs for their tangible visibility.

We email out monthly property statistics so you can keep on top of your investments and see how they’re performing.

Ampersand Property Management collects rents, promptly sends out proper notices, leases properties if the current tenant moves, coordinates repairs and maintenance, keeps you informed, files for eviction when necessary. In short, we do what you’d do, except we won’t cover the cost of repairs to your property, and you probably wouldn’t send yourself monthly reports.

We’ve got a simple, published, per-unit fee so you know what you’d be paying for what you get:

Ninety bucks a month or 1/12 of one month’s rent, whichever’s cheaper.

One flat fee, no surprises. We charge what we charge, and we do our work for that amount. No extra fees for leasing or setup or dealing with emergencies. That’s what you hire us to do, and we’re going to take care of it.

At Ampersand Property Management, we don’t think it’s fair to you to charge a percentage. That might be fine for a lower-priced rental (7% of $600? $42) but it doesn’t take exponentially more effort to manage a higher-priced rental, so you shouldn’t be charged like it does (7% of 1600? $112).

If your monthly rental amount is $1,100 or more, we charge $90.00. If your monthly rental amount is less, we charge less.

Please send any questions to, and we’ll get them answered for you.

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