Be free.


Ampersand Property Management conceptually emerged on a cruise ship in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico, somewhere between Cozumel and Galveston.  Surrounded by an ice skating rink, climbing wall, shuffle board and the vast expanse of ocean, how could the company have turned out anything but fun?

We love that we get to provide a basic human need: you can get water from clouds, food from farmers, and you can get your shelter from us! It’s a responsibility that we treat with as much gravitas as we can muster.

Mostly, though, we tend to be lighthearted.  We think that what we do every day should be enjoyable and we work to make it so for ourselves and others.

If you’re technologically competent and faithful about paying for your housing, we’d love to have you as a neighbor. You can find out what housing we’ve got available under our Rental Properties tab. Sign up to join our Renters’ list if we don’t have anything open that meets your needs.

Helping our neighbors. Serving the community. Making Billings beautiful.

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